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All Suburbs Filter Service is Queensland’s largest kitchen filter cleaning and canopy cleaning service. We are family owned and operated and have provided a quality and consistent service to our customers for over 25 years.


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Why you need a kitchen canopy clean

Through prolonged use, the accumulation of grease, smoke, oil, grime, and other deposits, if not properly cleaned, can prove to be dangerous to not only your kitchen, but your staff.

Benefits of a professional canopy clean

Our thorough cleaning solutions for your canopy ensures the most visible element of your kitchen is always looking its best both inside and out.

Health and Safety

Meets health & safety standards expected by council and landlords.

Insurance and WH&S

Compliant with Insurance Policy requirements, Australian Standards and WH&S requirements.

Fire Risk

Reduces and minimises fire risk.


Improves overall presentation of your kitchen.

Cost Savings

Enhances energy savings.

Longer Lasting Equipment

Decreases the need to replace and repair equipment as additional wear is minimised.

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With specialised equipment that can reach even the hardest-to-reach spaces, allow our team of industry experts provide you with the confidence that your canopy is cleaned thoroughly and safely, to a level that is compliant with regulations.

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