Frequently Asked Questions

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Filter Cleaning

Why should I regularly have my kitchen filters cleaned?

A regular, professional clean of your kitchen filters ensures they are optimised for efficiency. Some kitchen filters can appear clean on the surface but are often clogged with grease you can’t see on the inside. This makes the filters less effective, puts more stress on the fan and increases the risk of a fire in your workplace.

How often should I get my kitchen filters cleaned?

The frequency of your tailored cleaning schedule will depend on the daily use of your kitchen and what you cook. If you have heavy daily use then we would recommend a weekly or twice weekly service, whereas moderate or light use might only need servicing once a month or every two months.

We are open to your suggestions and are happy to provide guidance on a schedule specific to your business. Equally, if you start on two weekly service and find it is too often or not often enough, we can change it to meet your needs.

Do I get my kitchen filters back?

We provide a kitchen filter exchange service – clean for dirty. All our stock filters are pooled and kept to a good standard to do the job required. You do of course have the option to purchase an alternative set that’s just for you, which we will store on your behalf between filter exchanges.

Should your premises require custom filter sizes, you may need to purchase an alternative set so that one is on site while the other is with us for cleaning.

If you wish to purchase an alternative set of kitchen filters, please Visit our Filter Sales page for more info.

Canopy Cleaning

Why should I get a canopy clean?

Designed to remove excess grease, improve efficiency and manage the risk of fire hazards, a canopy clean also has the benefit of keeping your kitchen looking professional and well-managed.

How often should I get a canopy clean?

This does vary from kitchen to kitchen. Regular canopy cleans ensure that fire risks are reduced, and the presentation of your kitchen is kept at an optimal standard. The more often your canopy is cleaned the better for you as it reduces costs incurred from long detailed cleans required if a canopy has been neglected.

Duct Cleaning

Why should I get my exhaust extraction ducts cleaned?

It is a legal requirement under the Australian Standards 1651.6.2012 to have a kitchen’s ducts checked annually, or cleaned if required. In addition, most landlords and insurance companies also request this of tenants.

About our Services

Why All Suburbs Filter Service?

Our team have worked in the commercial kitchen cleaning industry for over 25 years. Underpinned by a wealth of experience in professional cleaning within the commercial kitchen industry, we adopt a no nonsense approach to getting the job done.

With a large client base and a highly specialised team, we can provide your commercial kitchen with regular, consistent cleaning services for your complete exhaust system including filters, canopy, and ducting, along with an added assurance that our work practices are compliant and professional.

Do you service my area?

Our professional cleaning service is offered across a wide range of areas in Queensland, specialising in our local area of South East Queensland. Please get in touch and we will be happy to assess the possibilities of working with your business.

What do I need to tell you when I call?
  • Your business name, address and contact details
  • If can provide the number of filters, the size and type of your kitchen filters please do. If not, we’ll be happy to assist you in putting your requirements together.
  • How often you use your kitchen exhaust system and for what purpose

If you are still unsure on any of the above points we are happy to talk you through it and can arrange one of our service technicians to pop by  your site to determine your service needs.

What is a kitchen exhaust system?

In a simplified explanation, a kitchen exhaust system ventilates while filtering the grease and vapours from your kitchen. It is made up of 3 main components. The canopy is the visible metal hood that your filters are housed in. The filters then lead into the ducts that direct the vapours away from your kitchen, with a fan moving the air through your exhaust system.
It is important that all of these components are cleaned regularly to ensure regulation compliance and fire safety.

What are your payment options?

We accept cash, cheques and direct debit. Regular customers are also able to complete a credit application requesting an account. All credit customers are issued with a delivery docket at the time of service and a tax invoice is then emailed for payment.

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